Lighthouse Restoration


  • In the Fall of 2015, the Government of Canada transferred Sheringham Point Lighthouse into the care and ongoing management of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society.  As one of its first tasks, the Society committed to undertaking a full restoration of the site and its historic structures. 

The Lighthouse was de-staffed in 1989 and, although it remained a navigational aid (with an automated beacon), it had only received minimal upkeep in the intervening 25 years, and was in need of significant attention.  The objectives of the restoration project were:  

  • to ensure the ongoing protection of the heritage asset;
  • to make the site safe and welcoming for visitors; and
  • to provide a glimpse back to the heyday of the Lighthouse when it was in full operation.

The restoration project was undertaken with the best environmental and heritage conservation practices possible.  The work was done in accordance with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada, developed by the Government of Canada in consultation with the Canadian heritage community.

The starting point was to adopt the Statement of Significance for the site that had been created by Parks Canada and registered with the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.  A Statement of Significance summarizes and defines the historic site, articulates the historic and heritage values for why it is being protected, and lists the “character-defining elements” that contribute to the site’s values.  It is the over-arching document which guides what is important at the site.  To view the Statement of Significance, please click here.



A significant project such as this does not happen without a great deal of help – financial, expertise and volunteer support.  At the outset, the Society wants to recognize and thank the Westaway Charitable Foundation (Peter and Brigitte Westaway), for their remarkable financial contribution to this project. Without their help, the restoration of the Lighthouse would still be a dream.  Also, Dr. Marvin Caruthers and the many individuals and businesses who have contributed over the years played a huge role in moving this project forward.  We are also appreciative of the support provided in grants from the Government of Canada (Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans and Parks Canada), the Government of British Columbia (Community Gaming Grants), the Capital Regional District (Juan de Fuca Electoral Area), and the Island Community Economic Trust.

As well, we want to express our thanks to the many individuals and contractors who contributed their expertise, experience and diligence to help the work get done – either in a professional capacity, as a volunteer, or both.  And finally, our thanks to our Project Manager, Ian Fawcett, who planned the project, oversaw its completion and made sure it complied with the highest standards of both environmental and heritage conservation.

Restoration Project...PHASE 1


Phase 1 included a Condition Assessment of the structures, followed by detailed planning for the work to be done on both the historic structures and the surrounding lands.  It also included:

  • Erosion control measures along the causeway to prevent loss of access to the historic site
  • Restoration of electric power to the site, including conversion to the primary use of solar power
  • Some immediate safety upgrades to support public access to the site
  • Road access (Sheringham Point Road) improvements to the site

For more details on these components, please click here.

Restoration Project...PHASE 2

JANUARY 2017 – JUNE 2017

Phase 2 initiated the physical work on the historic Lighthouse structures.  It included:

  • Starting the restoration of the Lantern Room, specifically a detailed assessment of its components, installation of scaffolding, and corrosion removal.
  • Starting the restoration of the Lighthouse Tower including, primarily, concrete repairs and restorations on the interior of the tower.
  • Starting the restoration of the Engine Room, specifically addressing concrete repairs and restorations on the building and its foundation.

For more details on theses components, please click here.

Restoration Project...PHASE 3

JUNE 2017 – JULY 2021

Phase 3 comprised the most extensive restoration components on the historic structures, as well as some significant site amendments.  It included:

  • Completion of the restoration work on the lantern room, including window repair/replacement, painting (interior and exterior) and restoration of key features (e.g. the weather vane).
  • Completion of the restoration work of the Lighthouse tower, including painting (interior and exterior), waterproofing and renewal of electrical fixtures.
  • Completion of the restoration work on the engine room, including painting (interior and exterior), mould removal and prevention, and renewal of electrical fixtures.
  •  Reconfiguration of the site entrance and installation of a more secure and functional entrance gate.
  • Construction of a nature trail through the wooded area of the site and installation of bench

For more details on these components, please click here.

Restoration Project...PHASE 4


Phase 4 of the Restoration Project focused on the restoration and repatriation of key artifacts, as well as site amendments to address visitor management.  This included:

  • Construction of a small visitors centre
  • Construction of a viewing platform to accommodate visitors with mobility challenges
  • Amendments to the entrance area and parking lot to facilitate easier and safer access to the site
  • Repatriation, restoration and installation (for display) of the the original Fresnel Lens, the original foghorn and components, and the Crouse-Hinds rotating lens.
  • Construction of two new trail spurs to provided access to viewpoints at the site.

For more details on these components, please click here.

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