Lightkeepers Program


For children ages 6-12, who want to be a part of helping to protect the Lighthouse.  This program is designed to allow children to be involved with the Lighthouse in any way they can imagine.  It encourages them to visit the Lighthouse site, and to learn something about the Lighthouse and/or its history, and then to take some action that they believe will help in its conservation. This can be anything from raising funds or volunteering time, to as simple as taking a photograph or writing a story and sending it for us to use.

When appointed as a Lightkeeper, the child will receive a certificate of appointment, and his/her role becomes to help spread the word about the Lighthouse and its conservation.

Application to be a Lightkeeper...

I would like to apply to become a Sheringham Point Lightkeeper


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    Stories and Artwork

    All of the children who participated in our school program, “Exploring the Lighthouse”, have been appointed Lightkeepers.  Some of their artwork, photos and stories can be found below.

    Lighthouse Paintings from John Muir School

    Children from John Muir school visited the Lighthouse, and then painted pictures of lighthouses…they are very beautiful!  See below…

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