Mission Statement

Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society


Lighthouse navigational aides have long been a part of Canadian History – each special in their own way – and important to the communities in which they are located.
The Society recognizes the intrinsic value of these sites and through education, research, community action and consensus building will work to ensure that the Sheringham Point Lighthouse, surrounding properties and historic access remain accessible and available to the community and the public.
Working with the Coast Guard and other government officials, the Society will garner support and unite the parties in order to: recognize the critical work of those who served in the Lighthouse and kept mariners safe; preserve the buildings, historic access and inner-workings; and document the history.
Whether through restoring, rebuilding, and/or creating interpretive centres and museums, the Society’s priority is to ensure that future generations of Canadians have access to and learn more about the Lighthouse and its importance.


• Recognizing the historic and cultural value of lighthouses, lighthouse property, and other special foreshore locations, this Society will actively pursue preservation and protection of Sheringham Point Lighthouse and other sites of cultural or historic value.
• To preserve the Sheringham Point Lighthouse structures and property;
• To ensure, through education, research, community action and consensus building, that the Sheringham Point Lighthouse, surrounding property and historic access routes remain accessible to the community and visitors now and in the future.
• To document and recognize the historical importance of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse and those who lived and worked there.
• To preserve and protect other sites of historical and cultural value, including foreshore locations, within the District of Shirley.

For a downloadable (pdf) copy of the Mission Statement, please click here.

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