Jennie's Trail - Access to the Lighthouse

Jennie’s Trail connects the Lighthouse parking lot to the Lighthouse site, through the site and to the Lighthouse.  It is approximately 500 metres.  Easy going down, a bit strenuous (all uphill) coming back up.

Jennie’s Trail is dedicated to Jennie Caruthers who, along with her husband Dr. Marvin Caruthers, provided critical foresight, advice, leadership and financial support that helped establish the Society, resulting in the protection and stewardship of the Lighthouse and its grounds.

Sheringham Community Park (Trail)
- (formerly: Lighthouse View Trail)

A 3.4 km loop trail takes you from the parking area, through both public and private lands to enable you to experience a typical area of the dominant west coast ecosystem.  The loop trail also merges with Jennie’s Trail to provide access to Lighthouse.

The trail is easy walking and is open between dawn and sunset. It can be accessed either from the Lighthouse parking area, or the Trail parking area (located about 500 metres further up Sheringham Point Road).  If you are just visiting the trail, please use the Trail parking area.

Please respect the sensitive nature of this area, stay on the trail and respect the privacy of adjacent properties. Also please note that weather can change quickly in this area, so please be prepared. To view a larger version of the trail map or trail rules, please click on the image.

This trail was first established by the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, in negotiations with the developer when the surrounding strata development was created.  It was maintained at first by the Society, and was then turned over the Juan de Fuca Parks & Recreation Commission (Capital Regional District), who now maintain the trail.

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