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From time to time, the Society creates special events or activities that provide unique opportunities for our friends and supporters to become more engaged with the Lighthouse and its conservation needs.  We invite you to join with us — make a difference and have fun as well!

Also, there are sometimes issues that crop up that may have an impact on the lighthouse conservation or operations, or our management of the site.  And sometimes these issues require urgent or specific collective actions to address them. In these circumstances we need to call upon our supporters to help out. We have always been able to count on a positive response to such calls for action, and we hope that will continue should new issues arise.


There are currently no specific issues that the Society is engaged with that would require our members and supporters to help advocate on our behalf.  Nor are there any current community issues that would impact the Lighthouse site and its ongoing protection and viability.

Should issues arise that require your advocacy help, they will be posted here.  Please check back.


It is important that the Society’s Board and volunteers understand how our community and Lighthouse visitors like to use and interact with the site.  We need to know what you like and don’t like;  what you want and don’t want; what works well at the site, and what doesn’t.  We need to know when and how you like to visit, and we need to know how people are hearing / learning about Sheringham Point Lighthouse.

This survey will help us better understand our visitors needs and interests, and will help us plan our work and activities to enhance the visiting experience. Please answer as many questions as you can, and for each question, please indicate the response that is closest to your actual situation/views.  And please don’t hesitate to provide any additional comments/thoughts/suggestions you may have in the boxes provided. Thank you.



Recycling helps the environment, and now it also helps the Society.  We are so pleased that local supporters, Phil and Sheena, the creative minds behind SHIRLEY DELICIOUS, are helping the Society through a sustaining donation of all the proceeds from their recently installed recycle bin.  Here are the details:

SHIRLEY DELICIOUS Coffee House and Cafe is located at 2794 Sheringham Point Road (at the corner of West Coast Road and Sheringham Point Road).  A “Big Blue Bottle” recycling bin has been installed in the upper parking lot.  You can’t miss it!

Everyone is welcome to use it.  Any refundable containers can go in the bin.  There is no need to sort, just use the chute – and all proceeds from the deposit go directly to the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society.

All refundable bottles, cans and plastic beverage containers are accepted – anything you would normally take to the return-it centre for a refund. Save the trip to the recycling depot and help support this beautiful historic piece of our community.

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