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SHERINGHAM: A Canadian Heritage Story

“Sheringham – A Canadian Heritage Story is a ride through the unique and multi faceted history of the iconic lighthouse on the West Coast of British Columbia.  Protecting mariners in the Salish Sea for almost 110 years, the storied tower, engine room and foreshore property (now parkland) is ripe with history, intrigue, and even a few ghost stories.”

Authored and researched by Rebecca Quinn and Society volunteers, SHERINGHAM is a 60-page book in full colour, covering the illustrious history of the iconic lighthouse at Sheringham Point. In 2015, the lighthouse was designated by the Federal Government as a Canadian Heritage Lighthouse Site.

Featuring over 60 photos, maps, journal entries, biographies of the light keepers and their families, info on junior light keepers, the land purchase, the construction of Sheringham Point Road, and the work of the Society, this book is a fun and interesting read for everyone.

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An Explorer's Guide to the Island Lighthouses of Southwestern BC

By Peter Johnson and John Walls, with photography by Richard Paddle


For over a century, British Columbia’s island lighthouses have guided ships through stormy seas and brought hope to countless mariners.  Today, these elegant beacons are ideal destinations for coastal explorers looking for historical sites in spectacular maritime settings. This new guide from BC historian Peter Johnson and lighthouse enthusiast John Walls offers a comprehensive look at 25 of these remarkable landmarks, blending practical information on location and accessibility, with riveting facts, local lore and gorgeous photography.

From Fisgard Lighthouse at the mouth of Esquimalt Harbour to the remote west coast sentinels of Cape Beale and Pachena Point to the community supported restoration project at Sheringham Point, this book celebrates a unique culture of public service passed down through generations.

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