Celebrating Over 100 Years in Service

Sheringham Point Lighthouse was built in 1912, and has served as a beacon of hope and salvation for more than 100 years.

Standing 20 metres high, above the rocky and treacherous coastline of southwest Vancouver Island, Sheringham Point Lighthouse was built to save lives – a beacon in the darkness, showing the way into safe harbour.

Like so many other lighthouses around our coastal waters, Sheringham Point Lighthouse has impacted countless lives throughout its history.  It has provided navigational aid, weather information, solace and security for mariners and others who make their living on the sea, as well as their families waiting at home.

After keeping watch for many years, the lightkeepers, assistant lightkeepers and their families who lived at the site eventually gave way to automation and new technologies, and all that remains is a smaller, green beacon that continues as a navigational aid.

A New Lease on Life...

But the value and relevance of Sheringham Point Lighthouse is far from diminished.  It has a new role in life – to connect current and future generations with their history and their heritage.  The Lighthouse and its grounds have now been passed into the care of the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, who are working on behalf of the community, to protect and conserve the Lighthouse, and to make sure its stories are told. 

Its history is rich and touches many families in this area, and beyond.  It is a reminder of our deep connections to both the land and the sea, and it will continue to be a symbol of hope and security for our community.


Nothing beats seeing the Lighthouse in person.  For directions to visit the site, click here.


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