Photo Contest Winners Announced



We are delighted to announce the winners of our recent “Light Up 2021” photo contest.  The photograph with the most votes (as chosen by the public voting through our website) receives 1st Prize and the Peoples Choice Award.  This photograph will be featured on the cover of our new “Discover Sheringham Point Heritage Lighthouse 2022 Calendar”, and the winner will receive a package of special gifts from the Lighthouse Society.  The photos with the next highest number of votes, received the 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize Awards, and will also receive a special gift package and be included in our calendar.




And the winners are:

1st Prize:     James Moxley (Nanaimo, BC)     – “Sheringham Point Lighthouse at Sunset”

2nd Prize:   Colin McMechan (Shirley, BC)     – “Light Under Winter Blanket”

3rd Prize:   Gilles Simard (Edmonton, AB)     – “Blue Sunset”


As well, the following runners-up will also have their photos included in the calendar:

Dave Hutchison – “Beautiful Coast”, “Glisten” and “Sandcut”

Gail Thompson – “Beggar”

John Crassoski – “Sheringham Point Lighthouse”

Sophie Peters – “Sombrio” and “Last Light”

Richard Paddle – “Fisgard Lighthouse”

Joyce MacKinnon – “Sheringham Lighthouse from Muir Creek at Sunset”

Carson Jones – “Sunrise over the Salish Sea”

Troy Ferris – “Down the Path”

Doug Pascoe – “Standing Strong and Proud – Reaching for the Sky”

Marion French – “Our Favourite Walk”

Colin Dudeck – “Sheringham Summer Night’s Dream”

Randy Wachtin – “Sheringhamscape”

Alice Cassidy – “Red and White Against the Sky”


For more details and to view the winning photos, please click here.


Congratulation to all the winners, and thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.  We appreciate your support!

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