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Media Coverage


Recent media coverage of SPLPS and Sheringham Point Lighthouse

Sooke News Mirror: June 24, 2015

Victoria Times-Colonist: June 9, 2015




Recent Correspondence


2015-06 SPLPS Heritage Designation letter

2015-05-29 Parks Canada Heritage Designation – News Release


One Comment

  1. Looking for an old picture from the last strawberry festival held in early 1980’s.
    The picture was of a father and two girls. All three had long blonde hair and was blowing in the wind. with the sun setting in the background Possibly channel 12 news was covering the event.
    Please let me know if you have this picture and if so, it would be very important to the people in the picture if we could get a copy of it. The father is dying. We have no picture and the girls brought this picture and event up as a huge memory.
    please help if you can.

    Thank you very much.

    Dan (close friend of the father)

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