New Lighthouse Trails Add New Lighthouse Views

A view of the Lighthouse from the new Eastern Viewpoint.
The Eastern Spur Trail crosses the marshy terrain in the lower field
The Western Spur Trail winds among the trees at the western edge of the site

During the late fall and early winter of 2022, the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society added two new spur trails at the lighthouse site.  The trails lead to viewpoints at the eastern and western corners of the site and open up new vistas for lighthouse fans and photographers.

The trail development was funded by a grant from the Island Coastal Economic Trust, matched by the Westaway Charitable Foundation and contributions from a variety of Society members and donors.  The trail construction was contracted to  4M Bobcat, based in Sooke, following concept designs provided by Society volunteers and site users.

The eastern spur trail runs from the Westaway Interpretive plaza (adjacent to the new interpretive building), and provides a solid pathway across the lower field (which, for much of the year, was essentially impassable due to excess water).  It winds across the field to a new viewpoint created on the southeast corner of the site, providing spectacular views of the lighthouse and the western skies (great for sunset views).

The western spur trail, runs from the Westaway plaza, down the (former) driveway, and the winds through the trees at the far western edge of the site.  The route follows a former deer trail, and was previously inaccessible.  It ends in a new viewpoint at the southwestern corner of the site, and provides new views of the lighthouse looking eastward.  (PLEASE NOTE:  the southern end of this trail is not yet completed – it is currently too steep to access safely, so please do not attempt to use this section.  Society volunteers will be installing some steps, to make it usable, as soon as weather permits).

We are grateful to our funders and to everyone who participated in bringing these new site enhancements to reality.  We hope you enjoy them!

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