Lightkeeper’s Journal #1 – Memories

Lightkeeper’s Journal #1

Memories from the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society


splpsed-055-2After the lighthouse was finished, the Arden family moved to Sheringham Point and put the lighthouse into operation, beginning in September 1912. The only way the lightkeepers could receive provisions was if the goods were shipped to the lighthouse, every 6 or so months, by the lighthouse tender the Quadra, and later by the Estevan. This was less than optimal, and so, in 1913, Eustace Arden asked that a road be built connecting the lightstation to the existing road that went part way through Lot 82 which was Edwin Clark’s private land.

An argument soon arose between the Provincial Government and the Dominion (Federal) Government as to who should bear the cost of the road. The Provincial Government agreed to build the road up to the land owned by the Dominion Government. The Dominion Government responded, “The lightkeeper will probably be able to construct the balance himself for his own convenience. The Department does not see that it is a grave necessity as the road was not found necessary for the construction men all the time the station was being built, and the lightkeeper has been able up to date to get along without it.”

The arguments continued and it wasn’t until May 1, 1925 that Edwin Clark granted an easement to the Dominion Government for $10 (plus $750 for fencing and clearing) that the road was actually started. In 1931, Eustace Arden wrote to the MP, Mr. Dickie, to say that the road was finally completed and that “the cost of construction $500. It was necessary to hire a truck to haul material to make the road surface also [sic] my boys done [sic] considerable work on this road.”

The Road was completed, and later named Sheringham Point Road and used as the access to the lighthouse. The road was maintained by the Provincial Government for most of the years after it was built and thus a “public road” under the law. The road continues to be the access for the Coast Guard and Department of Fisheries and Oceans to the lighthouse. Sheringham Point Road continues into the future as the public access to the Lighthouse Trail and Lighthouse and should the land become a preserved public area, the road will be the access.

Please help preserve and protect the land, access and light station by joining the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society .

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