Lighthouse Volunteer Honoured

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Lighthouse volunteer honoured

On June 19, the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society (SPLPS) honoured one of their volunteer members for his generous contributions:  “Dr Marvin Caruthers gave his unwavering support and dedication to Lighthouse, foreshore land and environmental preservation.”

Dr Caruthers received the Society’s Heritage Preservation Award for 2015.  The award is given only in years when there is an example of outstanding preservation work.  The last recipient was Rebecca Quinn 3 years ago.

Volunteer members, supporters and executive expressed thanks to Dr Caruthers for his long time support of the Society’s preservation work.

At the meeting, the Executive reported on continued public access via Sheringham Point Road, trail maintenance, the new address (1 Sheringham Point Road), planned rehabilitation work and a broom bash to clean up the site.

SPLPS has over 300 volunteer members and thousands of supporters in the west side of the island region.

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